Newcastle Roller Girls



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  • Bobble hat £10.00
  • Superfan Badge Pack £2.00
  • No Pack! Badge Pack £2.00
  • Jammy Badge Pack £2.00
  • Blocked Up Badge Pack £2.00
  • Boys Smell Badge Pack £2.00
  • All five packs £8.00
  • Black tote bag £5.00
  • Natural tote bag £5.00

Step right up and be one of the cool kids with one of our brand spanking new Newcastle Roller Girls bobble hats. At £10 each, they don't break the bank and it'll keep your head nice and warm.
Hide your terrible post-scrim, helmet hair, with one of our lovely trucker hats.

A black cap with a shiny gold foil print of our stripped down logo, it also has a mesh back to combat those dreadful, sweaty head moments, all for the princely sum of ten quid. (SOLD OUT!)

Or, buy one of our tote bags and use it to quarantine your disgusting elbow pads. Available in black or natural calico for only a fiver.
Why not add one of our lovely badge packs to your order?

Four, 25mm pins in one themed packet. Choose from our Superfan pack with all of our team logos in, or our No Pack! pack, designed for the zebra in your life, Jammy or Blocked Up depending on your on track persuasion, or Boys Smell, because they do.

Or if you really can't choose, buy all five for just £8.